Wednesday, March 25, 2020


In the Devi bhagavatam,when Lord Vishnu was sleeping on the ocean ekarnava,demons madhu and kaitabha comes out from his ear wax.Lord Brahma meditated on Yoga nidra devi, to awaken him from sleep. The goddess became Vishnumaya who defeated and killed those demons, Madhu and Kaitabha.The goddess is a combination of  Kaathayani Devi and Kaalaratri Devi among Navadurga which are adhishtatri for Sammohan and Samhaar.

Vindhyavasini Durga Devi, the sister of Lord Krishna is Vishnumaya.The Goddess came to Kerala 1500 years ago along with some North Indian Brahmins .Lokanarkavu temple is famous among the Indian martial art, Kalari payat, experts.

The 16 forms of Goddess Durga, each represent one of the sixteen kala, among them is Vishnumaya.


She gives happiness in family life and completeness in bhog and yog.Lord Vishnu rules the world with this maaya shakti.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Buddha's adhishtatri was Tara devi. In that age,many persons did adharm and vyabhichar in the name of vama tantra.Buddha preached and practised all good ideals in life.Love,dharma,positivity,goodness are all marks of a divine person.

He decided Sanyaas as path to mukthi and left his family one night and went in search of truth.He wandered many places and reached aalagram where he did six years intense tapasya under a vata vriksha.He became weak due to penance.

One night he saw a dream.A dev purush came in his dream with a musical instrument Veena with three strings.First string was very loose.Second was very tight.Third string was tied in right condition.Extreme penance or too much sensual pleasures ,both these are not good in the path for search of truth.A balance has to be kept between both.

Then he went inside a jungle in same village and sat in meditation under another vata vriksha.A women had prayed near that tree for a son.When she returned she saw buddha sitting under the tree.She respectfully offered kheer in front of him.Buddha awakened from samadhi,saw the food offering ,took bath and ate it. Fully satisfied,buddha again sat in meditation and obtained Mahasamadhi.He became Gautam buddha who was siddhartha initially.

Serving others results in rise towards buddhatva which is devoid of sin .One whose brahmacharya is siddh,whether he is naishttik brahmachaari,vaanaprasthi or sanyaasi,nothing remains impossible for him in this world.Buddha was the great avataar before gurudev Shrimali,who appeared 2500 years after buddha.

Sunday, March 22, 2020


Mantra from gurudev for cure from all diseases including latest corona virus disease


Chant continuously non stop for protection or cure from disease. 

Five lakh group chanting of  Guru Mantra and Mahavidya Dhumavati mantra each followed by dumavati havan is good to kill the disease ,corona
Havan should be done ten percent of total mantra chant count

Guru mantra:
Om param tatvaaya naarayannaya gurubhyo namaha


please note that dhumavati sadhana should be done only after taking guru deeksha and dhumavati deeksha from Gurudev shrimaliji

Thursday, March 12, 2020


Human body is made of five elements.
The five gods known as panch dev controls these elements. 

       Vishnu - Akash tatva
      Surya - Vayu tatva

      Shakti - Agni tatva

     Shiva - Pritvi tatva

     Ganesh - Jal tatva                                            

Vishnu is sarva vyapth,Shiva is kalyankaari
Ganesh is Eesha of all ganas,Surya is sarvagat
Shakti has Saamarthya

Hence panch dev sadhana is complete sadhana.

Monday, March 9, 2020


Cement, Concrete buildings transmits negative energy.This causes bad effect on human body.Health gets effected because negative energy destroys our positive energy,hence we should always think about destroying negative energy .

North direction is given prominence in building construction.North side is kept more and more open,so that positive powers enter house from north.Similarly east side is kept open so that more sunlight would enter the room.

Vastu shastra considers Sun as the main source of energy.Human should get sun's rays in the morning and should avoid ultra violet rays in the evening.Hence in construction of house,east side should have depression and west side elevation.

Rays with life giving powers travel from North pole to South pole.Hence north side should have depression and south side should have elevation.North east should have depression and remain without much weight,south and west side should have weight,and elevated.Simliarly south west should have weight,elevated and north east should have depression ,should be open and without much weight. Similarly west north corner and east south corner directions should be in same plane as per vastu shastra.All these are done,so that positive energy enters our house.Pooja room should be on north east so that sun's rays enter us in the morning while doing pooja.We should not wear too many clothes while doing sadhana,so that energy flows all over our body.Hence Vaastu shastra should be given prominence in bhavan nirmaan .

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


The story of Nachiketa and Yama in Kathopanishad is famous all over India.Yama gave him knowledge of Agni vidya ,which became famous as Nachiketa Agni Vidya.
Nachiketa chose the following wishes to Yama,the god of death:
  • To be allowed to return to his father alive, and that his father should no longer be angry with him.
  • To be taught the proper performance of a Vedic fire-sacrifice in order to gain a seat in heaven.
  • To be given knowledge about life after death.

Svargadaayini agni vidya is Yama's gift to nachiketa as answer to the second question.This is specially good for children.Protect your child from kaalsarp dosh,unexpected disease and problems by performing this sadhana-yagya.

Getting heavenly ananda by cutting the death which binds us down is possible by this vidya. Basis of this vidya is Agni and it can be done any Sunday or an other good muhurtha.

Get a Havan kunda made of copper or other metal .Other than this, he should get twelve Savita chakra, Hiranya mayena patra ,Agni prokth yantra. Also get red sandal,dhoop,deep,naivedya,supari,til,kush,rice,milk,ashta gandh.

Get early morning before sunrise,take bath and wear red clothes.Take water in a tumbler and put mustard and sandalwood powder in it,sprinkle water using left hand all over your body.Touch little water to your left nostril and meditate on lord Shankar present in your body.Now take gandh,water,chandan,til,kush,rice,milk,ashtagandh mix them and offer ardhya to sun and do aavahan of surya with below mantras.

Om bhu brahma hrudayay namah
Om bhuva brahma shirase
Om swah rudra shikhaayei
Om bhur bhuva swa jwalamalini shikhayei
Om maha maheshvaraay kavachaaya
Om jana shivaaya netrebhya
Om tapa taapakaya astraya phat

Thus offer ardhya three times.Now go to your pooja room and worship guru,ganapati and shiva in sankshipt.Take water in hand and do sankalp.I does this for my children(or child's) removal of duswapna,improved life expectancy,destruction of visible and invisible problems,Making guru,shiv,ganesh and surya as witness i am doing agni vidya ,may all gods help me.

Now spread a white cloth on a wooden plank in front of you and keep hiranya mayena patra over a mound of rice and keep mantra siddh agni prokth yantra .put tilak of chandan on it and start poojan and light one lamp on right and one lamp on left.

Now chant agni mantra and offer chandan,supari,milk,ashta gandh on hiranyamayena patra.

Agni mantra :
|| Om namo bhagvate hiranyamayam jyoti roopam adityaaya ahovaahini ahovaahini swaha ||

Now start yagya using good wood sticks ,upale(made from cow dung),til,jau. Light agni and when it catches up offer above mixed sadhana samigri in fire.

First do aavahan of twelve names of agni and offer ahuti in fire chanting below mantras.

Om indraaya namah swaha
Om dhaataaya namah swaha
Om bhagaaya namah swaha
Om pooshaaya namah swaha
Om mitraaya namah swaha
Om varunaaya namah swaha
Om aryamaannaya namah swaha
Om amshu namah swaha
Om vivaswaan namah swaha
Om tvashttaya namah swaha
Om savitaaya namah swaha
Om vishnu namah swaha

Now offer twelve savita chakra in fire.They are tapini,taapini,dhumra,mareechi,jwalini,ruchi,sudoomra,bhogada,vishwa,bodhini,dhaarini and kshama

Now offer 108 ahuti in fire of til-jau, 108 ahuti of ghee

Thus offer 216 aahuti by chanting above agni mantra.
Finally in last aahuti ,pray to agni dev by folded hands 
like agni destroys darkness,similarly let all our bad aspects get destroyed ; I am offering this poorna yagya to you and put all remaining samigri in yagya kund

After this prayog,do guru aarti,and sprinkle water kept in front of you all over your house,make children touch that water and feed food to brahmin and do daan .

This agni vidya is secret and gives magical results, agni dev gets installed inside sadhak and makes him tejomay ,protects children,and disease,sadness,problems all becomes ash in that fire completely.
 -- Nikhil mantra vigyan - October 2019

Friday, February 14, 2020


Untraceable natural poison,which cant be proven medically (kai-visham in malayalam language) is made secretly mostly by black magicians with anti-social attitude.Enemies with the help of professionals mixes this poison in food or drinks without the information of common man.Hence we should avoid taking food at completely unknown places.

Such poison can cause mental illness in you which will remain inside your body for many years.This poison can also cause spine problems like Spondilolysis .Spondilolysis when left carelessly becomes disc slippage or Spondilolysthesis.Further complications probably may result in internal damage of organs inside body.

Wearing tantra raksha kavach may protect you from such attacks.Such kavach is available with Gurudev Shrimali jis ashram.

In kerala Kalari,such spine problems are treated with oil massage,wraping medicine cloth around waist and giving medicine for intake to clean poison out of body.

Sunday, February 2, 2020


Lord Krishna had Sixteen Kalas or divine powers.An ordinary manushya cannot achieve these sixteen kalas.However achieving three among these kalas can make him a special personality.They are

  • Vaak Siddhi - Whatever he says about past,present and future turns out to be true
  • Sammohan-Vasheekaran - Attractive personality
  • Kayakalp - regain and remain young

Shree Krishna Tantra has sadhana to achieve these Kalas for a sadhak   


First thinking about the way one should live his life is that God has given us this life and he would take back at the right time .So live life wthout any Kriya or Kaam shakti.They say whatever we gets in life would be enough and thus they put no effort in life.Here the Kaam tatva which is also called action is lacking.

Second siddhantha is from Charvaka.This siddhanth is that life is for sensual pleasures .They say one should enjoy life even with money obtained as loan or credit.They says eat,drink and be merry.

Third theory is that one should do action without looking for results .So this means while doing work just concentrate on work and not get anxious about the result.This theory of lord Krishna is indeed correct.Please note that this theory does not say that failure in life is acceptable.It says since we would get stressed if we worry about results while doing work,remain unattached to results and attain success in our endeavours.

Fourth Siddhanth is Sanyaas siddhanth.Sanyaas siddhanth does not exist in Vedas or Upanishads.Some persons interpreted this way and made it.Running away from the world ,claiming it as full of maaya is not a correct way to live life.Infact Sanyaas should be practised along with grihastha.

Gurudev made the right Nikhil siddhanth inorder to live life.As per this ,our life has all seven colours. Life has problems and sadness ; it has happiness and ananda also.We should fulfill our responsibilities in life.As per this samyak-siddhanth every wish in life wont get fulfilled.But there are desires that gives us ananda and they gets fulfilled by our efforts.Shankaracharya also presented the same siddhanth in the form of Advaita siddhantha.We should have balanced mind in life filled with positivity.The biggest siddhanth in our life is that of understanding our life by right thinking.So positive thinking is essential in making us independent and thus we become a unique personality in this world.Hence we should lead a balanced life.We should have Kaam tatva which becomes Kriya;Kriya creates Artha; Kriya leads to Dharma and when we gets all these it leads to Moksha.As we see in nature,ants work hard and collect food grain ,even if you take away the grain from it ,it works again and collects it .They does this dedicated work towards achieving their objective inspite of their short life.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Guru Gorakhnath was known for his great magical, secretive powers .He was also called Gorakshanath. Gorakhpur place has samadhi sthal of this great saint. Gorkha jaati is connected to this guru.Gorakhnath did tapasya in India Nepal border ,famous Paateshvari Shakti peeth.This temple was destroyed many times by greeks and mughals,but it was reconstructed each time.

His guru was Matsyendranath,who is the first nath of the nath sect and most famous name after Dattatreya. Matsyendranath is the beginner of Kaula marga.He was also the param guru of Hatt yoga.

Gorakhnath created all Sabar mantra of various gods and goddesses.Navanath parampara was started due to Gorakhnath. Guru Gorakhnath is considered the greatest saint of India after Shankaracharya.Gorakhnath believed in going beyond Siddhis and attaining shoonya samadhi and becoming sakshaath Shiva.

Lord Shiva is called Aadinath and Dattatreya is called Aadiguru.Nath sect is considered an important part of Hinduism.This sect became known as Navnath parampara and there are 84 nath Siddhas.In the times of Guru Dattatreya, Vaishnavism,Shaivism and Shaktheya were merged together.

One branch of Nath sect is in Jainism and another branch is in Buddhism.If we look carefully we will understand that Sufism in Islam came from this Naths.

Gorakhnath made this Nath sect extremely famous.Earlier it was existing only in Assam and nearby places.Guru Gorakhnath is closely connected to Nepal. Nepal King Mahendradev was his disciple. One entire place in Nepal was known as Gorkha place.

Many stories on Gorakhnath exists in Uttar pradesh,Uttaranchal,Bengal,Western India,Sindh, Punjab and Nepal. Shree Gorakhnath gave deeksha and spread the Nath cult in Kabul,Gandhaar, Sindhu baluchisthan, Kach and even till Mecca-Medina.

  -- From Pracheen Mantra Yantra Vigyan, Febraury 2020